Posted by: nicollehaggerty | February 10, 2009

A Meditation upon a Broomstick by Jonathan Swift

To me this essay is sort of odd. I think that it takes an everyday general object and creates a sense of meaning associated with the significance of that object. The essay is focused upon a broomstick. The author describes this broomstick as a something that used to posses life as a tree. He elaborates by explaining its vibrancy and how it used filled with sap. He compares this with the current state of the broomstick, which is lifeless. He explains that the broomsticks “life” is completely turned because now it is standing on its head. The broomstick is completely innocent and is out of its natural habitat. The broomstick is now merely a tool that is at the use of any “wench”.
I see this essay as a comparison to the life of a man. I believe that it signifies that men are taken out of their natural habitat and turned into tools that have no comfort. As a youth they are thriving in nature and in adulthood they are simply to do the dirty work.
Although this is my interpretation on the essay I do believe the authors is somewhat different. It sounds like throughout the text there is a hint of satire. It seems to me as if the author wrote this essay to mock the type of way people create meanings out of pointless things.


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